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Bulk SMS Services Provider in Hyderabad

Bulk SMS is a mobile messaging service that allows you to send to your customer and send information to the minute from our SMS control panel. Companies can now send SMS in bulk quantities to thousands of customers to convey information about discounts and latest offers.

Due to its cost effective and reliable features, a large number of brands have already started to use Bulk SMS service as an effective marketing tool. Marketing Companies like Leonas, can easily send messages to any mobile phone number in India by executing a very simple procedure.

Bulk SMS is the fastest and effective way to transmit information within multi-member groups in just a few seconds. Leonas Easy and affordable Bulk SMS solutions help you send messages to multiple users with an extremely user-friendly interface.

Benefits of Leonas Bulk SMS Service:

Deliver better ROI with Bulk Messaging

As there is a shift in conversion rates, Leonas Bulk SMS Service can deliver unbelievable ROI. It doesn’t matter whether the brand are looking for responses, CTR or order fulfilment, SMS messages can easily fulfil your objectives.

Easy integrations with a bulk SMS service

With Leonas Bulk SMS Service integrations and interface, companies can set up an account in less than a minute and start sending messages to your customers in less than 30 minutes. These applications can play a major role as many systems and marketing tools can take months to understand and learn.

Cost-Cut and Affordability

One great thing about this Leonas Bulk SMS Service is that this marketing is cost-effective for any kind of businesses. Companies and executives can expect better results from their investments.

Key Features:

  • Send SMS to any customer through the Internet with single click
  • Send SMS on scheduled date and time
  • Send SMS in different languages
  • Download existing lists from tab-delimited files
  • View message delivery reports
  • See the history of sent messages
  • Send Customized outgoing messages
  • Use drafts to send messages
  • Bulk SMS Services in Hyderabad
Bulk SMS Services in Hyderabad

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