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OBD Calls

OBD Calls

Bulk Out-Bound dialling (OBD) system is an easiest way to convey message through predefined voice. It is a powerful SMS Marketing tool to promote business and reach massive number of people at a single click.

In current times, OBD SMS Service is more popular in India, people can easily understand a voice message which reduces the chance of misunderstanding due to misspelling errors in content.

Advantages of (OBD) Out-bound Dialer:

  • Increase Maximum Reach

    Using Outbound Dialler agents can ensure maximum call reach and can take more calls.

  • Deliver Message in Local Language

    By using Leonas OBD services brands now can communicate with the user in their local language by simply converting the message into voice SMS.

  • Lead Generation

    By using voice broadcasting increases the leads generation process because people are more likely to listen rather than reading text messages.

  • Real-Time Conversion

    In OBD, sales representative will be able call any customer at when he will press the keys after listening to Voice message. This gives you real-time conversion which allows you to speak to your customer when they are most interested.

  • Cost-Effective

    Outbound Dialer saves money and time and beyond that customer will get instant notification on mobile about your new products and services.

OBD Calls

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